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Douglas ‘excited for the challenge’

New Norwood recruit Richard Douglas says he is ‘excited for the challenge’ of playing SANFL football with Redlegs.

After spending 13-years at the Adelaide Football Club, Douglas is looking forward to donning the red and blue in 2020.

“It feels great coming to Norwood because it’s a new adventure for me,” Douglas said.

“Obviously I won’t be performing at AFL level, but excited by the challenge and looking forward to being able to pass on my knowledge that I have gained over 14 years.

“I am also excited to learn off some really good players at Norwood as well as the coaching staff.”

The 32-year-old who played 246 games for the Adelaide Crows joins former Brisbane Lion Ryan Bastinac, electric forward Emmanuel Irra, talented midfielder Nik Rokahr and forward Codey Ellison as the clubs five off-season recruits.

Douglas will also reconnect with former Crows teammates Mitch Grigg, Lewis Johnston and Anthony Wilson in 2020.

Ironically, Douglas will also link up with CEO James Fantasia for the second time after he drafted Douglas at the tender age of 18 in 2005.

“This is the second time Fanta’s (James Fantasia) drafted me now,” Douglas said with a smile.

“I’ve had two football opportunities and he’s given me both, which I am forever grateful of.

‘Obviously, I’ve grown up a lot since I was 18 when he picked me up, but he has always tracked my journey, so it’s been nice to reconnect with him (Fantasia) 14 years later.

When questioned where he would fit in among the team game day he responded with the same role he’s played so well for the Crows for more than 10 years.

“I haven’t checked off with Cotts (Jarrod Cotton) yet, but a similar sort of role as I played in Adelaide,” Douglas said.

“I’ll spend a bit of time through the midfield and across half-forward which will be nice, but just looking to fit in and play my role for the team.

“Team success certainly at my age is what drives me to play footy and as long as we get that I’m happy.”

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