Norwood faces Glenelg for the 100th time at Norwood Oval

Tonight is the 100th time Norwood faces Glenelg at Norwood Oval.

Thus far Norwood has won 72 of the 99 occasions against the Tigers at The Parade.

One of the most infamous Norwood V Glenelg matches at The Parade was Round 12, 1941 where the man pictured, Bruce Schultz, booted 19 goals in a 29.7-181 to 17.13-115 Redlegs win.

Schultz’s 19 goals brought his 1941 season tally to 98 goals after just 12 matches. He went on to reach his 100th goal in the next match against West Adelaide to become the first Norwood player to reach the ton in a single season! Soon after this, he injured his knee and never played again.

Thanks to Graeme Adams and the NFC History group for this insight.

We look forward to seeing you at Coopers Stadium tonight to create more memories against Glenelg.

Norwood V Glenelg - Round 12, 1941 - Norwood Oval


F C.R.Woolford G.Matic J.Page
HF D.Nygaard G.Butchart N.Pettingill
C J.Nash P.Oatey M.Poulter
HB A.Hambour R.Porritt B.Elliott
B J.Nettlefold J.Pile B.Beeching
Ruck G.Kuchel G.Molloy R.Oatey
Res B.Smith W.Chapman