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Notice is hereby given that the 2020 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETINGS of the Norwood Football Club Inc. and the Redlegs Club Inc. will be held Wednesday, February 17th 2021 at 6:30pm for the purpose of:

  • Presentation of the Annual Reports and audited balance sheets
  • Appointment of the auditors for both entities
  • Election of (3) Board Members to the Norwood Football

Club; and any other business

If you are a member and wish to vote on the resolutions at the AGMs, you should either:

  • Attend in person; or
  • Appoint a proxy to attend on your behalf. Forms to appoint proxies are available from the club and must be lodged at the club office prior to 5pm Friday January 15th 2021.

As per the Norwood Football Club Inc Constitution, three (3) positions for the Board will become vacant.

Nominations must be received at the club office by 5pm Friday January 15th 2021.

Nomination forms are available from the club office. If an election is required, the nominations will be posted on the NFC website after Friday January 15th 2020.

If any Member wishes to place an item on the agendas it must reach the NFC office by 5pm Friday January 15th 2021.

The club office is at 4 Woods Street, Norwood SA 5067 Paul Di Iulio –– President