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Norwood partner with VALO to go Carbon Neutral

THE Norwood Football Club is delighted to announce a partnership with Australian high-tech manufacturing company, VALO.

VALO, has begun works on its Coopers Stadium project with the installation of 300 metres of LED digital display screens to be followed by the upgrade of LED stadium lights in the coming year.

The project is part of VALO’s partnership with Norwood Football Club which has plans to turn Coopers Stadium into the first truly carbon neutral sporting ground in Australia.

“This is an exciting partnership between two South Australian businesses both located in the same council area,” says Norwood Football Club CEO James Fantasia.

“Through the use of energy efficient LEDs, adoption of smart technology, solar and batteries we plan to make the venue truly carbon neutral.

“With the progressive advent of technology, the new LED boundary signage provides our partners with a new compelling way of portraying its message, enabling further reach whilst entertaining fans and new attendees.

The installation of VALO’s Horizon LED digital display screens, makes the Norwood Football Club and Coopers Stadium the first suburban venue to invest in LED signage.

“VALO and the Norwood Football Club share an ambition for strong cultures built on innovation that leave a legacy of inspiration and performance,” said VALO founder and CEO Aaron Hickmann.

“Not only will the LED digital display screens and upgrade of LED stadium lights be beneficial to the Norwood Football Club and its fanbase, but it will also increase its profile of being a multipurpose venue that caters for several events.”

VALO will also be upgrading the current halogen stadium lights to full LED luminaires with its Australian designed and manufactured Zenith Gen-V 1500W LED stadium light. The switch will result in a reduction of up to 80% in lighting energy consumption at the venue.

The LED lights are a part of stage two of the project and will be completed in the coming year.