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Norwood to unveil new Roger Woodcock Sign

On Sunday afternoon the Norwood Football Club will unveil the new Roger Woodcock sign at the Northern End of Coopers Stadium.

The Roger Woodcock end was unveiled at the beginning of season 2017 and is now a prominent part of Coopers Stadium.

Woodcock has made an unforgettable contribution to the Norwood Football Club and the SANFL, both on and off the ground. At career’s end, his 602 goals represented the most majors kicked by a non-full forward in SANFL history. Off the ground, Woodcock is a founding member of the Norwood Football Club’s History Group, ensuring that important facets of the Norwood Football Club’s 142-year history are preserved.

“Roger, as a player and continues to today, make great contributions to our club”

“It was an easy decision to honour a great player of our club in this way,” Norwood Football Club CEO James Fantasia said.

The presentation will commence just before the bounce 2:00pm.