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Players Voice – Jace Bode

By Jace Bode

In the lead up to Friday night there’s been plenty of questions about season 2018 and the Grand Final. It hurts to reflect on but has driven those of us that played in that last game in September to have strong preseasons and as a club we have looked to learn and then move on. Friday night against the Bays is our first chance to showcase our brand for 2019 and put our best foot forward in our quest for the ultimate prize.

Glenelg finished off season 2018 strongly and retained their core group of players whilst recruiting some talent to top off their list. Their coach, Mark Stone, is another season wiser after his first year at the helm and we expect Friday to be a fiercely fought contest. For us, it starts and ends with us. We play our best footy when we are hunting the opposition and demanding high standards of each other. When we win the ball at the contest and move the ball with speed and accuracy we are going to be hard to stop. We have spent significant time during preseason working on our ball movement and our forward entry, along with practicing some new structures to adjust to the rules and of course, some designated time in front of sticks kicking goals.

We are excited to have brought some elite talent into our team with Dom Barry joining us after a season at the Port Adelaide Football Club in the AFL. Dom is a workhorse, fast and powerful. He’s going to light up plenty of matches and with him and Rabbsy patrolling the flanks they are going to cause plenty of headaches for our opposition. Cody Szust has joined us from the South Adelaide Football Club and his speed and goal sense will be valuable assets to us throughout the year. We also have a couple of exciting juniors in Cameron Taheny and Dylan Stephens who have both been really impressive throughout the preseason, that I’m sure will get an opportunity at league level at some stage throughout the year.

There are also a number of players in the form of Tom Forster, Zac Richards and Mac Bower that have had a taste of league footy previously that are another year wiser and haven’t missed a beat during the trials. I am really proud of the work each of those boys have done to be in the frame for selection. With only a handful of injuries and a near full strength playing list, Cottsy has some difficult decisions to make and you, the supporters can be rest assured that the 21 players that take to the field on Friday night at 7.20pm will be primed and ready to roll.

It’d be remiss of me at this stage to not thank our trainers, support staff and coaches who have put in a power of work and hours throughout the preseason. We look forward to repaying you with water and powerade showers as we sing the song each week!

Finally, we appreciate your support and look forward to seeing (and hearing) you at the footy this year.

Fortis in Procella,