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Remembrance Round 2023

As part of Norwood’s Round 18 match against Adelaide at Coopers Stadium, the club hosted Remembrance Round. 

Club CEO James Fantasia said Remembrance Round had become a tradition of the Norwood Football Club in recent years, paying tribute to players, members and supporters that have passed away.

A tribute video slide show was played pre-game and at half time – watch via the link below.

“It is with a sense of both reflection and reverence that we recognise members of our Norwood Family who are no longer with us, a time when we come together to pay homage to the remarkable individuals who have shaped our club’s history and left an indelible mark upon our hearts,” he said.

“On Saturday, we remember not only the victories and accomplishments on the field but also the spirit and dedication of those who have contributed tirelessly to our club’s growth. We stand on the shoulders of giants – individuals whose passion, commitment, and unwavering support have defined the essence of the Norwood Football Club.

“As we recognise these significant contributors and beloved members who have since passed on, we are reminded that their legacy lives on through the very fabric of our club. Their influence can be seen in every step taken on the hallowed ground, in every cheer resonating through the stands, and in every victory that lifts our spirits.

“Fortis in Procella – Strength in Adversity.”

View the 2023 video below.