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Team News SANFLW Round 5 – Norwood VS West Adelaide

NORWOOD’s midfield and defensive lines are set to be bolstered this weekend with the return of AFLW listed players Sally Riley and Ebony O’Dea.

Riley and O’Dea will appear in the red and blue for the first time this season, while the Lady Legs’ have also called upon Tara Robertson and Lisa-Jane Millard.

The quartet will add some valuable experience to the line-up as Norwood look to record their fifth win in a row.

Consistent duo Elisha Gallagher and Rhiannon Busch however won’t face the Bloods this weekend due to work commitments, while Zoe Greer has been ruled out due to injury.

Forward Rosette Zerella has again been named after a strong performance against the Eagles last Friday.

Norwood’s final team will be announced Friday afternoon.

Norwood will face West Adelaide at Coopers Stadium, with the bounce at 1.15pm.

The match will be streamed live through the SANFL Digital Pass.

Round Details

What: SANFLW Round 5 – Norwood vs West Adelaide
Where: Coopers Stadium
When: Saturday, March 23 – 1:15pm
Entry: Free


In: Tara Robertson, Sally Riley, Ebony O’Dea, Lisa-Jane Millard
Out: Rhiannon Busch (Army), Elisha Gallagher (Army), Zoe Greer (Inj)
New: Tara Robertson, Sally Riley, Ebony O’Dea, Lisa-Jane Millard

Norwood Round 5 SANFLW Team