Alberton Oval, always a tough road trip

Norwood's Phil Carman dominated the 1972 match against Port Adelaide at Alberton Oval, on a day where Norwood recorded its first win at the ground in six years.

Norwood heads one of the great fortresses across Australian Rules Football this weekend, that being Alberton Oval to take on Port Adelaide. 

Of the 121 occasions that Norwood has headed out to Alberton to take on the might of Port Adelaide on their home deck, the local Magpies have won 79 and Norwood 33 (nine draws).

For many years Alberton Oval hasn’t exactly been a happy hunting ground for Norwood over the years, but in latter years the record there hasn’t been too bad.

The match that we are casting our mind back to this week took place on June 3, 1972.  It was Norwood’s first win at Alberton in six years.

Trailing by one point at three quarter time, Norwood piled on 9.4 to 0.3 in a dominant final term to win by 54 points, elevating the Redlegs to top of the 1972 SANFL ladder.

The story of the game was a dominant Phil Carman, who had made his comeback from a two-year lay off three weeks earlier, Robert Oatey eased him into the team on a half forward flank but unleashed the beast on this day at Alberton.

Carman ran himself into the ground and could hardly kick the ball in the final term. This day at Alberton Oval was indeed a great moment in Norwood history.

Making his debut in this game was Michael Olsen, while Peter Oatey kicked his 100th career goal.

Michael Coligan topped the SANFL Goalkicking ladder in 1972 with 81 goals, and Norwood made the finals for the first time since 1965.


Alberton Oval,  3 June 1972

F M.Gregg M.Coligan B.Hines
HF M.Olsen J.Wynne R.Woodcock
C W.Packer P.Carman G.Rosser
HB R.Porritt M.Poulter G.Butchart
B N.Harris I.Stasinowsky J.Menz
Ruck N.Button N.Pettingill P.Oatey
Res G.Schlein J.Page


NORWOOD 2-3 4-12 7-16 16-20 116
Port Adelaide 1-6 2-12 7-17 7-20 62

Goals:  Woodcock 5, Coligan 4, P.Oatey 2, Carman, Pettingill, Olsen, Button, Menz.


Other matches of note at Alberton Oval:

1966:  7 May:  Norwood 10-9 (69), d. Port Adelaide 9-5 (59).  John Vickers played his 100th game.

1970:  29 August:  Norwood 10-5 (65), drew with Port Adelaide 9-11 (65).  Late goals in the game by Port cost Norwood the win and also a spot in the finals.

1983:  9 April:  Norwood 17-6 (108), d. Port Adelaide 15-11 (101).  James Pyke kicked the sealing goal later in the final term.

1986:  6 September:  Norwood 22-15 (147), d. Port Adelaide 18-10 (118).  Neville Roberts played his 100th game.

1989:  8 July:  Norwood 10-4 (64), l. to Port Adelaide 20-18 (138).  Rodney Maynard played his 100th game.

1996:  4 May:  Norwood 8-12 (60), l. to Port Adelaide 23-10 (148).  Stephen Rowe played his 150th game.

2005:  28 August:  Norwood 13-8 (86), l. to Port Adelaide 18-15 (123).  Scott Carslake played his 100th game.

2006:  2 July:  Norwood 10-10 (70), l. to Port Adelaide 20-10 (130).  Scott Borlace played his 150th game.

2008:  3 August:  Norwood 12-13 (85), l. to Port Adelaide 16-13 (109).  Matthew Dawes played his 150th game.

2010:  19 June:  Norwood 8-9 (57), d. Port Adelaide 6-9 (45).  Tim Weatherald played his 300th SANFL game.