Club Statement

Club Statement – Josh Glenn

Former player Josh Glenn has accepted the decision made by the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority to impose a four-year ban after an Adverse Analytical Finding in June 2018.

Norwood is committed to the cause of eliminating drugs in sport and we fully support SANFL’s anti-doping policies and testing regime to protect the safety of players and the fairness and integrity of competitions.

I would like to reinforce that the decision Josh made, resulting in this adverse finding, occurred well before his arrival at the Norwood Football Club. Josh admitted to taking the substances when he was not listed with any SANFL club and was therefore not bound by the Code. However, the ongoing presence of the substances on 16 June 2018, while participating in a match for Norwood Football Club, constitutes an anti-doping rule violation.

As a club, we can only speak positively of Josh’s behaviour during his time spent at Norwood. Josh has been an excellent teammate and demonstrated professionalism and commitment to the playing group.

Norwood will continue to support Josh however will not be any making further comment on this matter.

Paul Di Iulio